Friday, January 23, 2009


The first letter of each answer appears next to its clue in
alphabetical order. All the first letters have been entered
into the grid. Can you complete the puzzle?

A. Fruit of the oak tree (5)
B. Something to read (4)
B. Insect (3)
C. Taxi (3)
C. Desert animal (5)
D. Sand hills (5)
E. The night before (3)
G. Type of antelope (7)
G. Precious stones (4)

I. Ice hut (5)
I. Writing fluid (3)
J. Type of music (4)
J. Fruit drink (5)
K. Tap on a door (5)
L. Jump (4)
S. Unhappy (3)
S. Brief periods of rain (7)
S. Snow runner (3)


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