Monday, December 27, 2010

Childhood Development: 5 to 7 Years

Years As your child begins school, each day becomes an adventure and a time of discovery. This period of childhood is the time each child begins to learn skills needed to become a self-sufficient person.

How your child eats:
Make your child do some kitchen work. Make sure to carefully supervise activities in the kitchen.
Watch your child when he eats and avoid giving him foods that he might choke on.

How to care for your child's mouth:
Now make your child aware of his responsibility, make him brush his teeth independently.
It is very important that your child see a dentist regularly to ensure the growth of healthy permanent teeth as your child starts loosing baby teeth.
Your child should be seeing a pediatric dentist every 6 months.

How your child uses his hands (your child's fine motor skill development):

Make your child creative by making him learn drawing ( this will enhance his thinking skills)
Make your child learn how to make sentences.

By age 7, your child will be able to tie his shoes.

Your child's gross motor skill development:

Your child will be able to do a series of motions in a row in order to do a complicated motor activity like pumping herself on a swing, skipping, jumping rope, or swimming strokes.

Your child will be able balance on one foot for 10 seconds.

How your child communicates (your child's speech and language development):
Your child will be able to recognize opposites, define objects by their use, and use relatively good sentence structure.
By the time your child turns 7, she will be able to say "v", "j", "sh," "ch", "r", "l", "s", "th" and "str" sounds like in the words "victory", " judge", "shush", "child", "rabbit", "little", "six", "thirteenth", and "street"
Your child understands the rules of conversation and is able to talk and then listen.
Be a good listener yourself and encourage stories.

Make him explore new things daily eg: making him read sign boards while travelling, observing places.

Encourage your child on every small work he/she does.

SaifAli Pervez Kheraj


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