Friday, May 29, 2009


Cooking helps child to develop skills because during the period of childhood, cognitive development begins in a child. Thus in this early age, they absorb much skills and their mind grows in this early age. However cooking develops creativity in a child also develops observational skills.  There are also many more benefits which are mentioned below:-
Cooking Can Help Preschoolers:-
Build basic skills:- You can help your child develop basic math skills by doing something as simple as counting eggs or pouring water into a measuring cup. You can test their skills by questioning them, for e.g.:-what comes first, second, and third or count together as you spoon dough onto a cookie sheet. Cooking also develops vocabulary in a child when you read a recipe.
Encourage an adventurous palate:- Encourage kids to taste new ingredients you're working with and talk about what they like and how healthy foods make a body grow.This makes them more interactive with you.
Help young kids explore with their senses:- Invite them to listen to the whir of the mixer, make them see the whole process. And at last If it smells good, looks appealing, and is easy to eat they may just be willing to try it!
Boost confidence:-  Cooking also makes child confident and develops self esteem in a child.
Ideal Jobs for Preschoolers in the Kitchen
A few tasks in the kitchen are particularly well-suited to kids ages 3 to 5. If your child loves to pound, bring out the bread dough and let your preschooler pound away.Here are some other ways kids can help:
stirring pancake batter
tearing lettuce for salad
adding ingredients
assembling a pizza
helping you "read" a cookbook by turning the pages
Getting Started/Initiating
Look for a few cooking-related activities that your child can successfully complete independently or with a minimum of involvement from you. Simple tasks like pouring liquid into the bowl, sprinkling cheese on top of the casserole, or using cookie cutters are a good fit for most preschoolers. Don't plan an elaborate project — 5 to 10 minutes might be all your child wants to spend on an activity. Start small and keep it fun.
Preschoolers will also enjoy learning with you. For safety reasons, you should be in the kitchen with them at all times, supervising and monitoring progress.
Thus cooking develops all the basic skills which are required during childhood.


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