Sunday, December 28, 2008

Early Childhood Developmet Programmes by IED

The aga khan development network has been working with the government and other societies inorder to advance Childhood Development..
the Institute for Educational Developmenton of Aga Khan University are providing professional ECD training for teachers.

AKU-IED has also been working to enhance curriculum development and learning skills of teachers, English language inspectors. These are the programmes and institutions which are promoting child hood.

Early Childhood Development

In 2003, the Aga Khan Foundation started an Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme based upon these principles. Its aim is to develop skills, language and creativity in child and to provide different opportunities for parents to train their child.

Aga Khan’s main aim is to work for humanity. Their institutions are providing extra ordinary help for people in the third world countries. There are also Aga Khan’s care centres which build skills in child. Also help poor families to encourage children to join this care centres. Provide fund for them. This Aga Khan Programme is one of the most famous programmes world wide.

All are professional and trained teachers for ECD departments. In this way AGA KHAN institutions are providing opportunies and promoting Early Childhood Development.

View below listed site for additional information.

How can busy parents manage their time for their young child

The greatest gift for children is their parents and it is extremely important that parent must take out their precious time to look after their young children because child’s conginitive development starts from their young age only. Therefore Parents must manage time for their children otherwise they will not be able to develop learning and other important skills.
Below are the few tips for parents how to manage their time for children:-

Take out time to hug your child in the morning when you leave for office as well as when you are back. This is beacause hug can lift spirits and change yours and your child's attitudes.
2. Hold weekly family meetings and future planning of your child’s education and their savings for future. Discuss about their skills and problem they are having.
3. Manage only 15 minutes for your child if you are too busy parents because child needs to convey their emotions to their parents. They need to spend couple of minutes with their parents. This relaxes Child as well as parents and it develops confidence in child.
4. When you go to your bed let your child discuss happiest part of the day. This develops self esteem in child.
5. Take time to cook food yourself for the children either in night for the next day because mother knows how much and what kind of food and nutrients their their child require.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Early Childhood Care and Education

According to research children are cared in variety of ways:-

38% of children:- receive care from parents.
non-relatives :-
center-based programs :-
Head Start :-

There are 5 development process in our life which are mentioned below which are all related together:-

Emotional -
Cognitive development - It is most important development which also relates to above development.This development concerns how children think and react. SO it is very important for children to develop better skills during childhood inorder to develop other above mentioned skills.

Parents are a child’s first and very important teachers. It is extremely important that parents must provide as much knowledge and skills as possible in their early age.

It is significant that nearly
40% of young children are cared for primarily by a parent.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


  • A child’s development during childhood, includes building skills such
    as pre-reading, language, vocabulary, and numeracy, begins from when
    child is born.
  • There is a strong relationship between child's early life and their
    larer life.For example, infants who are good at building blocks of
    speech at 6 months are better at complex language skills at 2 and 3
    years of age.Also better at acquiring the power of understanding to
    read or write when they grow elder.
  • When children are provided better rich language and listening they can begin to acquire the essential building blocks for learning how to
    read. A child who enters school without these skills can have a very
    significant risk.

Cognitive Development

  • From 2-7 years:- concepts and mental reasoning begins to develop.
  • From 2-4 years :- develop symbolic reasoning
  • Between 4-7 years:- child develops resoning skillsStarting school is a major landmark for children this age.



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