Sunday, December 28, 2008

How can busy parents manage their time for their young child

The greatest gift for children is their parents and it is extremely important that parent must take out their precious time to look after their young children because child’s conginitive development starts from their young age only. Therefore Parents must manage time for their children otherwise they will not be able to develop learning and other important skills.
Below are the few tips for parents how to manage their time for children:-

Take out time to hug your child in the morning when you leave for office as well as when you are back. This is beacause hug can lift spirits and change yours and your child's attitudes.
2. Hold weekly family meetings and future planning of your child’s education and their savings for future. Discuss about their skills and problem they are having.
3. Manage only 15 minutes for your child if you are too busy parents because child needs to convey their emotions to their parents. They need to spend couple of minutes with their parents. This relaxes Child as well as parents and it develops confidence in child.
4. When you go to your bed let your child discuss happiest part of the day. This develops self esteem in child.
5. Take time to cook food yourself for the children either in night for the next day because mother knows how much and what kind of food and nutrients their their child require.



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